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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I just mentioned USB because there are those Saturn USB pads and also SNES pads and more. It would be awesome!
I hadn't seen those Saturn USB pads - they look like a great idea, as long as the quality's there. Anyhow, I found the thread about the USB gamepad adapter:

Anyway, really looking forward to this you are doing. As I said, Sega 6 button [pads are my favourite controller EVER!
Yeah I have to say I like them too. Anyhow, I have the adapter working as of tonight - I just need to decide on the button mapping.
I was thinking in terms of mapping B to Red, C to Blue, A to Green and Y to Yellow. Then X and Z to left and right shoulder buttons, respectively, and maybe mapping Mode to "up" to make older platform and driving games easier to play with the joypad. Thoughts, anyone?
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