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The program seems to be working for me but i have a couple of questions that i really hope someone can help me with.

I've seen someone on youtube get quite good performance on DOTT on an 030, but for me even MI1 crawls horribly. And I only manage to get PCspeaker sound. Are there some performance enhancements that has come to light that I might not have read about?

I don't get any sound or video-requester on startup (even though i have AUTO_SELECT_AUDIO_DEVICE=FALSE etc.) Are there circumstances where I would not get a requester?

I would be very grateful if someone could give me some tips as to how to configure for my system:
A1200 3.1 (BetterWB)
ACA1232 /ec40mhz
ACATune -maprom **
AHI 4.18 (fast paula stereo++)

SCUMMVM AGA 030 (Stack 20400) set to:

Any helpful tips to get me running?
(Btw, I have read through this thread)
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