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Thanx... the graphics are all from Graham Goring though... I am responsible for the gfx engine and gameplay ;-) But that you will have to witness when it is finished.

Coding is 100% done - everything works as it should... everything is finished. The game can be completed and all puzzles work as they should. Also all objects are put into the place and all rooms play as they should.

Graphics is around 70% done I would say. Penitentiary, Bookworld, Egyptus are 100% done, BlackTooth and MarketPlace are 50% done and MoonBase + Safari haven't been touched yet. Also around 70% of all objects are already done.

On the Soundfx/Music front - the title music is finished, the in-game tune is done 80% and all sound-fx are still missing (altough they are all implemented - just the samples are ripped from the amiga at the moment).

So when all this is done it will be released... hopefully Graham and Mezkal (who is doing sfx) will hurry up.
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