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Polygon game speeds

Not a problem as such, but this seemed the most appropriate area.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has got Stunt Car Racer to run at a fluid framerate (I'm talking 60fps, a real A500 managed 8-10, if that). My real A1200 smoothens the game out a little, so there's no reason why UAE and a fast PC processor can't smooth it even further.

A good example I can mention is Elite 2 - Frontier. This runs about 10 times the framerate on UAE compared to my real A1200 030@50mhz. The difference is amazing when taking off from outdoor bases, on full detail. The A1200 manages maybe 5fps, and UAE is fluid at easily 50fps.

Going back to SCR, I've tried 68040 and many other combinations, but can't seem to get it running any more fluid than my real A1200. Surely it must be possible, CPU speed seems to make huge differences in all polygon games. Driller is another example.

If anyone has any other polygon games that run shockingly faster on UAE, let me know - I'd love to check them out!
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