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The competition is now over, the poll is closed and below are the three winners.

1st Place: A World of Great Games by TheDutchOwner
2nd Place: Pinball Fantasies by Sunsetjoy
3rd Place: Great Giana Sisters by wizofwor

Congratulations to our winners and thank you everyone else who entered, all your banners are awesome! We will be adding some of our personal favourites that didn’t make the top three, so watch the rotation you may still be a winner in our eyes If you would prefer not to have your banner in the rotation please contact us by email.

Note to all winners: We will be contacting you soon by email.
Prizes will be sent out within 28 days.


This will be the final publicly open competition poll CiA will be holding

The main reason for this is, it's open to abuse, and open to a hell of a lot of spammers intent on trying to ruin the thread for others. Unfortunately, if you would like to vote on our next competition, that we make available on the CiA forum, you WILL have to join our forum before you can do so.
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