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Sorry, but on first post i have linked wrong disk (updated now). The right link is (old one was intro disk, but i mean game disk which is disk 2).
UPDATE: WHDLoad "Fury of the Furries" (same config A1200 CE 8MB fast + HD) doesn't have that issue...
Anyway, not big deal, i can play it with three configs without a problems: 1) plain A1200 2MB chip (CE) or 2) A1200 2MB chip 8MB fast (CE) with CPU frequency set to 2x (A500) or 3) as before, but 4x (A1200) from WHDLoad / HDF...
I found that "cycle-exact" offers better compatibility (with very rare problems) than without it, ie. without CE, games like Turrican II or Second Samurai AGA doesn't load / freezes fe...

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