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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Therefore it is also important to keep the test versions between the two beta ... which of course you probably do not do.
(unfortunately, I started to collect a test betas after 2700 beta8)
No need, source tree shows all changes in detail. I was simply not interested enough to check it yet, because of using sysinfo results

Originally Posted by BigFan View Post
I don't give a shit on Sysinfo, but amilo is right.
I can confirm emulation is way too fast with this setting. Lha packs/unpacks archives more than 10x faster.
Thanks. This is much better report, I always prefer real time speed tests because they can't show incorrect times.

about additional speed , but it's definitely to much if one wants to emulate a Supra28 board f.e.
It does not emulate Supraturbo28, it has 64k cache which allows CPU to run really fast if data is already in cache. But without fast ram results should be similar (supraturbo only caches fast mem data because caching chip ram would break most programs) should fix it.
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