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Noob but not so noob

Hi, I have had several Amiga A600 in my time and really have fond memories of it. In fact an Amiga 600 was my first computer/Console machine I ever had. its true I never had the Atari 2600 (I have 10 of them now lol)

My Amiga was resting in a small corner of the Attic for many years and bam last month I had the Amiga Craving. I took it down and tried to fire it up. oh no it wont work.

After investigation with a Multimeter I fount the PSU Was not supplying +5V so a replacement fixed that. and while I was waiting for it I decided to clean and polish the machine, it was pretty whitey/cream anyways but an extra cleaning never goes a miss.

It then had a new 3.1 Kickstart, 4GB HDD and Screws from AmigaKit and a NOS Floppy drive fitted from eBay.

I also brought 2 Gotek drive as extra and got a PCMCIA adaptor too. And am currently building a External Flicker Fixer and managed to get some 23pin connectors locally for a good price.

eventually I realised from lurking these forums that the A600 is really not cut out for many things and is not the best model to choose for upgrade either.


I purchased a A1200 (Still keeping the A600) which had a few niggles so I got a good deal on it.
its a 1D4 model and the clock pins are half populated and came with Kickstart 3.0.

From there I purchased a NOS Keyboard and new screws from Amigakit and a ACA1232 40Mhz Accelerator

Today it looks like it came out of the showroom it looks so sweet

Im still a noob and running OS3.9 on it and am here to learn loads more and try to figure out my error on my custom kickstart3.9 I am having

Thanks for reading this long thread and I hope to learn loads here.

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