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Originally Posted by Hercules View Post
How easy is it now to set up wifi on this? I looked at it a while ago when they completed raising funds to get the wifi stack finished, although I never figured out how to get connected via wifi with it... Hopefully they have streamlined that process a bit more since the last one I tested...
Aros Vision is based on Aros 68k. There is no Wifi-support in it. And it is not based on any Linux-kernel (except the hopefully updated version of AMINUX that is using Knoppix to boot in FS-UAE). Who wants native X86 support must use f.e. Icaros Desktop. Aros Vision runs (theoretical because I cannot test that) on classic hardware, will run hopefully on new FPGA hardware (at least FPGA Arcade is promised) and it runs on all sorts of emulated platforms (I test it on FS-UAE and WinUAE) and is used by Aeros/Broadway for 68k emulation. I hope it will link the different 68k platforms in future and define a kind of standard for application and games for both users and developers.

I have replaced the buggy "Wanderer" with Magellan and replaced the limited Zune with MUI 3.8. Most parts/software added are normal 68k software (nothing special compiled). Aros is the Rom and the backbone of OS components like parts of the libraries and devices.
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