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SFS won the poll but not my heart

-Booted into 3.1
-Noticed that the 18.5gb partition was shown as 2gb (bad) but percent of the space filled was right (good)
-Started filling the drive with ~170mb files. After reaching the 2gb boundary, filesystem allowed me to continue and reseted the available space to 4gb but this is improper and not good.
-Returned to os3.9, immediateley noticed copying a ~170mb file was impossible, HD light stayed lit for minutes and nothing happened. It did not crash
-I could cancel the copy and then copied some small files >1mb to check the reaction of my os3.1 system
-Booted into os3.1. System refused to detect my partition after files were copied on in under os.39. I assume this might not have happened if I hadn't exceeded 2gb but I WILL exceed that amount and WILL expect to use the HD under 3.1 AND 3.9

I also wasn't able to use file names longer than ~40 characters.

Now I'll test PFS

All my data is backed up so if you have any recommendations on checking a file system's possibilities, I can do them.
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