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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Hi Olaf,

thanks a lot for the latest big update of your fat Aros Vision 2.6 (960 MB).

Unfortunately, I always get a strange problem with my download manager when I just click on the supplied download link on your page. Instead of trying to download it attempts to download "" which doesn't work and freezes the download manager. But when I copy the above URL directly into the URL input bar of IE8 then it starts downloading the correct file "".

Update: Be careful with this download !! After I installed Aros Vision this night I found an unknown hidden service process on my main system. This seems to be some sort of malware and was detected by HijackThis after a reboot. I still have to check my system with the latest virus signatures and removal tools.There are still some entries of this "service" in my registry on my main harddisk. At the moment, I'm using my second harddisk in the hope that it is not infected yet.

After unpacking your new distro onto my harddisk I had a problem with the following line in your startup-sequence:

Mount DEVSOSDrivers/~(#?.info|PIPEFS|XPIPE)

With "Set ECHO ON" at the top of the s-s you can see that the booting hangs in that line (at least on my WinUAE system). I could solve that problem by removing all drivers except for PIPE and EPIPE from DevsosDrivers.

You could update icon.library with the latest Aminet release and remove the out-commented lines from ";Version >NIL: icon.library 46" until ";EndIf". THX
Aros Vision does not install anything. It is just a packed dir. I have Antivirus software installed on the system and check it before I pack it. Are you sure?

P.S. I have checked the old archive with Avira without any report

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