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Right - have ironed out most of the bugs and made the game slightly more interesting - starts with one pipe, goes to two, pipes move and then gap narrows. Movement of bird still needs a tweek and I hope to have high score saving to disk but I need a name. Obviosuly there is already a Flappy Bird so need something to differentiate it. At the moment I have:

1) Amiga Flappy Bird (put a lot of thought into this one)
2) Flappy Bird Amiga Reboot
3) Flappy: Amiga
4) Tappy Happy Flappy Bird (my pesonal favourite)

Frankly they are all pretty rubbish so if you just happen to read this post, give me a suggestion and the one I like best I will use. Plan to have everything wrapped up in 24hrs so that's how long I'll allow for suggestions.
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