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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
But nothing is guaranteed yet. It is possible that XP support may not dropped that soon.
That is really great information Toni! Thanks (I must be !)

FYI, I was checking the 2.8.0 Docs folder in order to find any info about current WinUAE requirements and ran into a lot of outdated informations in Readme.txt file:
Also, excellent English *and* German help-files in Compiled HTML Manual (.chm) format can be found at
Unfortunately, such a link to Compiled HTML Manual (.chm) format doesnt exist on pages ?!

But instead I found one mentioned below that said it is official WinUAE help file:

WinUAE Official Help Latest release of the official help file for WinUAE. (is it really, why then there is no a link on the official page ?!)

EDIT: Found some dead links on official page !

But most important; found there a link to Amiga Emulator FAQ which leads to latest WinUAE Help file -> Current version is 2.2.7 (19.05.2014).

and also...
There are no problems running WinUAE under Windows 2000 and XP - in fact, Win2K or XP is the best platform to run WinUAE on - providing the best
graphics and network performance, as well as core emulation duties.
Regarding the Win2K, as I recall, the WinUAE 2.0.1 was the lastest version supporting it, right ?

And yes, I could agree with that: "WinXP is the best platform to run WinUAE".

and also with...
If you are using Windows 95 (shame on you!)

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