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The first one I can actually remember buying is Knights Of The Sky... I was actually looking for an original copy of Wings, as my (ahem) slightly less legal version had become corrupted from too many late nights playing it. It wasn't on the shelves at the time, but KOTS was. I recall picking it up, and not being massively impressed with the screen shots on the back of the box... but what they hey, it's a WWI Bi-planes game. I am still glad I went with that impulse to this day; a fine game it is!

The last I can recall buying is Sword Of Aragon by SSI in 1999. I'd wanted to buy Ultima VI from the local second hand shop, but the game wouldn't install whatever I did. Instead of getting the total value in cash back, I instead plumped for buying the afore mentioned game instead. It looked terrible, and largely was I suppose; but I played it all the way through, and enjoyed it somewhat as my life at that time made it look compartively pleasant. Shortly after, that shop closed, taking with it the last access I had to Amiga software. But the games play on, thanks to emulation...
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