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Just discovered; for some reason "Buggy Boy (1988)(Elite).zip" refuse to boot in beta 3, 4 & beta 5 ?! (but it boots fine in beta 2 !!!)


p.s. Tested on A500 most common configuration.

EDIT: It seems the problem apply to other games also like "Soccer Kid (1994)(Krisalis Software)[cr FLT](Disk 1 of 4).zip" f.e. !?!

p.s. It seems like something went badly after beta 2 !!!

I do not see any significant changes in emu engine after beta 2, so it's hard to say what it could be ?!

EDIT2: Games boots fine if were unzipped !!! (hm, it seems then something is wrong if were loaded as a .zip file ?!)

p.s. A little strange that no one else has noticed it so far ?! ... it may mean, it is time to take a vacation.

p.s.2. It seems the problem is only with .zip files ... all others: .7z, .lha, .rar (unrar.dll) boot/work fine.

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