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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
No, I lack the knowledge, but just look at Turrican 2 on the C64. Runs at 50 FPS Vsync'd.

A better approach would be to use the infinite scrolling trick. I'll give some hints first. The basic ingredients are: An extra wide screen (say 320*2+16*2 pixels wide), 16 pixel wide tiles, hardware scrolling, and blitting the same two 16 pixel columns in two places at the same time. Takes almost no blitter time, and you're not restricted by the number of sprites you can have on screen.

If you need help, ask.

Double buffering shouldn't use much CPU time because you're just telling the video chip to fetch its data from somewhere else each frame.
Doh - you're right about double buffering.

OkI-I'll bite. Explain to me how the infinite scrolling trick uses very little blitter time and how this would work.
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