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Well I agree that an A500 should be able to run this game no probs hence my desire to get it running on one but I am using Blitz which is good but is not assembler. As i have already stated I have ideas to speed it up and the fact that I am using 'pc' style programming (i.e. blitting large shapes which is no prblem on a pc but slows the Amiga) means that this is not very efficent programming! I think the solution to getting maximum speed is to use sprites for the pipes (which I am working on) and strangely extending the screen to full width might make everything faster as I think I can move sprites smoothly off the screen and have no need to blit large black rectangles? Also, using sprites I think I won't need to double buffer and this will be a saving in CPU cycles too. This is all guess work at present but I will work on it...

Just out of interest - has anyone tried this on an A500 and is it playable?

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