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i wish i had the skills and means (and especially the motivation) to do this sort of thing
My example shows it's not that complicated. I got interested in how Amiga works on a hardware level around 2 years ago. I received my first CPLD prototyping board 1,5 years ago (a present from wife for christmas). And to be honest I'm quite busy man, sometimes I couldn't work on anything Amiga-related for whole weeks! Still I researched, dug through documentation, prototyped... and voila 2 years after I started educating myself on electronics, this board surfaced. Actually work on this particular SRAM expansion started in January (this year). Of course, I didn't do it all myself, I think jarob did the hardest work here (PCB layout, soldering the prototypes).

Anyway, we decided to make everything related to this card open source, to help the future generation of Amiga hackers.

So if you, or anyone else have any questions related to how the heck does that thing work, feel free to ask (this thread seems like a good place to do it).

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