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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Check if lowering active priority changes anything (try "below normal" first)

EDIT: and you need to narrow down the problem to specific 2.6.0 beta. (if it is actually a bug, I suspect it is just side-effect due to some CPU usage change)
It doesnt helps to lower WinUAE active priority.

But activating Executive under OS 3.9 seems to fix the problem. So it can be a priority problem on the AmigaOS side.

Toni, could WinUAE be changing Workbench task priority in real time, in some way like NovaCoder described when his Wolfenstein 3D ports stopped to work, but happening with icons instead of with the system time? WinUAE is a lot of hard work and you is being busy lately, with AROS, RTG, ECS/AGA etc...

2.6.0 beta? I am uncertain what to do because I only found 2.6.1 beta posts, I could not find that exact beta on EAB.

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