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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
IIRC, if you actively press an F-key, it will select a profile. If you haven't saved one, it will load...well, some other settings.
No it won't. If it detects an 68020 or higher it loads the saved profile #2. If it detects the onboard cpu it loads saved profile #1.

But as I said, I've always just saved the config and reset. Certainly if you just set the settings and press Enter to boot, they will not be saved to Flash RAM.

It would be useful to solve this if you take a shot of the checksum hex digits that appears for these 3 steps reproduced. The first time it should be a short string, second time twice as long, third time 3 times as long.

Just thought you could get a working setup this way, by saving the settings.
In theory it would make no difference whether you save a profile or not. And in reality it makes no difference whatsoever. The system information screens are exactly the same as before (using saved profile #2 after enabling AUX CF slot, add other onboard ram, and maprom with kickstart 3.1 and saving).

Using the same parameters with saved profile #1, also fails to enable fast ram and aux cf slot, however the system information screen shows different crc for installed maprom image (0x033551A1 instead of 0x233531A0) and different config bits ($000006DC/$000006DC instead of $00000208/$000006D).

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