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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Hi Jens, thanks for your answer. If there are any tests you need me to run here just let me know, I'm always happy to test beta firmware, etc.
It's not exactly beta any more; the driver already works nicely with Z2 and Z3-based Amigas. The stack is known-good, it's Poseidon V4.4.

Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Regarding your USB Module/X-Surf 100, will there be a package deal to buy these together? I'm considering this as a solution for my A4000 since selling my Deneb USB.
You should not sell your Deneb - it's the fastest card you can get. The X-Surf-100 with the USB module will "only" get you just under 7.5 MBytes/s (read from USB mass storage device). Deneb is faster if I remember right - it's go the DMA advantage.

Bundle deal: Since I don't like to say "impossible", I should call it "very unlikely". I'm hoping that the USB module will get more people to buy the X-Surf-100, because that project is still in the red numbers, and it's not getting better, as I have to pay interest on the financing.

Currently discussing the USB module here:
Status: Fast connection to X-Surf-100 works, and "slow" connection to clockport needs to be tested. During these tests, an unvoluntary "smoke test" has killed one of the three prototypes (clockport cable connected the wrong way round). Now trying to improve the circuit to be more tolerant to such user errors.

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