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Originally Posted by mfilos View Post
You also mention LatePatch 2 times. 1st in the Blizkick archive (which doesn't exist) and 2nd in the 3.9 Kickstart (meaning inside AmigaOS ROM Update file from BB2 - where it doesn't exist as well). What is it and where have you found it?
It's a feature of Exec V44.1 by Harry Sintonen. The changlelog icludes this:

o V44.1 internal beta7, 6th Dec 2000:
- Added latepatch romtag. It does the following:
o For 020+, patch utility.library SMult32, UMult32, SDivMod32, UDivMod32, SMult64 and UMult64 to contain the code in the jump table. Doesn't overwrite possible previously installed patches (by flashrom 68060.library for example).
o Set exec library list node priorities.
o Set exec device list node priorities. - Thanks to ram for the idea.
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