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Flappy Bird Test File

Hi all

Have been playing with Blitz Basic for a few months and have come up with a basic Flappy Bird clone (sorry!) which in theory should run on A500 - A4000. Graphics are in 16 colours (started with 32 but felt this was making the game too slow). Runs ok on my A1200 @50mhz but have no idea how it runs on anything else? Although I have optimised the code a bit, this is not written anyway efficently and I just want to see how it works on other systems - hopefully giving me an indication of how fast Blitz really is. Have used Winuae to write the game but I am not convinced that Winuae is quite as accurate as it reckons as the game was definetly running slower on my real Amiga even though I had them set up identically.

Anyway, please download and have a go and post here how it runs on your system and what your specs are.

If anyone is interested I have programmed this as I would on PC Blitz and currently use Blits to put everything on the screen and ClipBit the pipes (which are 64x170 pixels). I also Blit 2 black rectangles and the floor (using the block command) to create the illusion of the pipes scrolling smoothly on/off the screen. This gives a reduced screen width which is ok as this is Flappy Bird and I am trying to recreate the feel of the original (which other versions tend to lose in my opinion). I intend to make this more of a complete games as at the moment it doens't get any harder (although it is easier than the original ever was).

I also have various ways of speeding up the code including:

1. Using sprites for the pips and bird (if I can ever understand how to use them) and no double buffering - could be the fastest option?
2. Using a tile map screen for the pipes (although this would make them harder to move up and down as well as scroll right to left) and hardware scroll with a possible copy from back to front screen?
3. Use extra wide screen and hardware scrolling and Blit pipes as requires. This would be much faster as fewer Blits would be required? This would also invovled dual screens.

I would like to include moving pipes which would be easy with the code as it is (or if sprites work) but would be more problematic with options 2. and 3. above. Currently increasing the number of pipes would not be an option (too slow) and this would alos be the case with sprtes (not enough) but would not be a problem with the tilemap version. Decisions, decisions!

Anyway, hope you like what I have done.
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