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I'm started to get a little frustrated with my setup....
It seems that with an ACA1232-25 installed into my ACA500, quite a few things actually run slower than with just the ACA500...

I'm finding that for most games I'm having to disable the ACA1232 overwise I get slowdowns, stutters or video tearing.
This doesn't seem to be limited to whdload, booting off a floppy with KS1.3 gives same results.

So I ran the whdload memory-speed and ot these results.
For the ACA500 without accelerator

ACA500 with ACA1232 installed

If I understand the results right, it seems that with the ACA1232 most CUST, CHIP, EXP and SLV results are actually slower that without it?

I'm wondering if I should ditch the ACA1232 and try to track down one of those 2MB fast ram expansions like fitzsteve did...
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