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Pretty solid custom ROM mate. Kudos
It's almost the same as mine except a few differences.

- What is the UP-Boot.module and where have you found it?
- You also mention LatePatch 2 times. 1st in the Blizkick archive (which doesn't exist) and 2nd in the 3.9 Kickstart (meaning inside AmigaOS ROM Update file from BB2 - where it doesn't exist as well). What is it and where have you found it?

- Personally I haven't found a single IDE improvement by putting SpeedyIDE on any Kickstart that I made.
Maybe ACATune's extra options give that option by default, or newest scsi.device so SpeedyIDE could be obsolete.
- IconBeFast can be easily left out as it's obsolete with the new icon.library from PeterK
- Romfixes can be left out as Romfixes2 from what I was told contains both Romfixes plus new patches.

You can also get some new versions of:
- console.device (44.10)
- datatypes.library (44.48)
- FileSystem (45.16)
- Input.device (50.26)
- Shell (45.27)
...for your custom ROM from BB3 and BB4 which are rather stable (never had any issue with them).

Last but not least (and not knowing what you run on your Startup-Sequence) I could suggest the following commands:
- SaferPatches (Record patches using ShowPatch)
- PoolMem (Patch Exec.library functiions to reduce memory fragmentation)
- CopyMem (Replaces CopyMem/Quick functions of Exec.library
- SegTracker (SegList tracking utility)
- MinStack (Set minimum stacksize - unless you use StackAttack)
- TagLife (Faster TagList support)
- MemTrailer (Adds 16-96 bytes as a trailer for memory protection)
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