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Here’s my programme of events for tomorrow’s special day:

- having set my alarm for 1200 (thus celebrating the best Amiga model) I shall wake up (with a start) to the iconic “BRRR!” sound made by X-Copy, now set as my smartphone alarm tone.
- with Blondie’s “Parallel Lines” on the hi-fi, I shall breakfast on a can of Campbell’s soup (thus celebrating the celebrity Amiga launch) while drawing crude Graphicraft images, saving them in the most obscure format possible
- placing a plush-toy version of the cartoon dog Odie (from Garfield) next to me (thus celebrating Jay Miner) I shall spend a couple of hours fiddling around with some wires and bread, on a board (thus celebrating the secret CES debut of the Amiga)
- bored with this, I shall then change the music, replacing Blondie with the B52s’ “Rock Lobster” before maneuvering myself into a cross-legged, entirely-still posture to begin meditating (thus killing several celebrating birds with one celebratory stone)
- after a quick go on MindwalkerTM (thus celebrating the first ever Amiga game) I shall leave the house to spend precisely £8.80 at a local store and have the member of staff validate I’ve definitely spent this amount (thus celebrating the bane of my Amiga life) before legally changing my name to Lazarus
- arriving home, I shall post a (previously prepared and sneakily concealed) issue of AMIGA POWER through my letterbox, before turning off the alarm system upon entry, using the code 4489 (thus celebrating obscure Amiga MFMery) and feigning surprised contentment at its presence
- the rest of the evening will be spent arseing around with PCMCIA adaptors, card readers and flaky memory cards, in a frustratingly fruitless attempt to cajole both my A600 and Mac into assisting me with a view to enjoying the contents of the AMIGA POWER TOP 100, but they won’t play fair and everything will go wrong while either trying to write ADFs to the card on the Mac side, or back to floppies on the A600 side, and I’ll just give up like I’ve done so many times before, remembering how bloody slow and ancient the Amiga is, and how the RF signal keeps drifting on my TV and I have to keep turning it off and back on again and I haven’t even got a joystick or anything, and I’ll keep trying to hit F12 on the Amiga like you do on WinUAE and it’s not there, and Odie is starting to piss me off.
- with all of the rainbow candy eaten, and red and white balloons starting to deflate, I’ll head to bed wondering why GenAm kept insisting that INCBIN was missing while it was CLEARLY on the disk, and when I did get it to assemble, why it crashed my machine so spectacularly that the TV lost sync to the point where it seemed like it was about to implode. Must have missed a NOP or something…. Zzzzz…. Zzzz…..

Whatever you’re doing, have a great AMAYGA DAY!
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