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If the MOD you're after has the classic Dragnet "durr-durr-DURR DURR" fanfare bit in it along with the speech samples, then I know it - but I'm damned if I can find it! I seem to recall a "Dragnet Demo" circa mid to late 1989 by a UK group, but can find no evidence of it anywhere. In the world.

Things (from memory) that might help in your search...

The demo itself - was it made by Slipstream? Maybe later into 1990, so possibly Anarchy? Mayhem? I'm leaning more towards Slipstream... was it on an SAE demodisk?
Who made the MOD - I'm thinking Dan/Gorbash? Could have been 4-Mat, but it's more in the (sample-heavy) style of Rogue Male...

Having not heard it for about 25 years, it's hard to say! Good luck finding it, be sure to report back :-)
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