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I shall celebrate by applying power to my first ever A1200 which I found recently. It has been buried in my storage since early 2000. The board looks immaculate! quite shocked tbh. Cannot get over how all the caps have not leaked or domed and all the solder spots are shiney

This wont be simple! I just know something is amiss but until tomorrow it could be anything lol.

I am trying to figure myself out and why this board was ignored. The only thing I can suss is... the clock port header is on the wrong place! The board is a 1D.1 and I had a thing for 1D4's back in the day

Spent the last 3 evenings putting in some graft tidying up metalwork, case etc. Searching for a complete set of genuine commodore screws can drive anyone batty but I have everything now.

So I shall either be jumping for joy or swearing like a trooper come tomorrow afternoon lol.
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