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ok i did some test :
turrican : no effect
lotus : the effect is good
lionheart : the scrolling is deeper.
every game with good perspective or in 3d are improved and some like t-zero are improved too, even in game.
But it's clearly not a good reason to buy a TV 3d, what i hoped was an improvement with parallax scrolling but the 3d doesn't improve it, too bad.
nvidia 3d vision seems to work with winuae (with the last version) but you have to set the display in 1280x720 50 or 60 hz, or 1920x1080 in 24 hz.
It worked for me. arf if only we could have remasterized amiga games in 3d, like movies !!! dreams mode off.
PS: i had to install 3dtv play too.
ps: why not a stereoscopic filter ? I'm joking.

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