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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
A500 OCS (most common) -> some glitches on KS1.3 adf version (see on pic.) !!! (it doesnt happen on dms version in KS1.2)
A500 confirmed (better late than never), probably some bug, all parts are packed, even single bit disk error would break it completely.

dms version crashes on 1.3 because it patches exec with direct rom addresses.. (1.3 compatible version has totally different bootblock and loader code)

000015F6 2279 0000 0004           MOVEA.L $00000004,A1
000015FC 43e9 0238                LEA.L (A1, $0238),A1
00001600 32bc 4ef9                MOVE.W #$4ef9,(A1)
00001604 237c 00fc 12fc 0002      MOVE.L #$00fc12fc,(A1, $0002)
0000160C 2c79 0000 0004           MOVEA.L $00000004,A6
00001612 2d49 0094                MOVE.L A1,(A6, $0094)
And now some pre-emptive not 2.8.0+ bug information about Batman Vuelve / Batman Group.

Image at the very beginning of demo that shows batman for the first time has buggy cape graphics if OCS Agnus (note that it gets fixed when lightning strikes). This worked (incorrectly) without corruption in 2.7.0 and earlier. Correct behavior is broken graphics if OCS. Works if ECS.

There are also 2 other small glitches that are not emulation problems:

Following parts that have dot and line tunnels have darker area at the bottom of display.

Later part with running animal projected on a white vector cube has single frame that shows broken fill pattern on top part of cube.

A500 OCS and A500 ECS 100% confirmed.
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