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Yes folks, we're a bit stuck on the graphics front.

Most of the demo is done. The level map, puzzles, all that stuff is at least 95% complete, with mostly just a few tweaks needed here and there. We really need new background/tile graphics, though, so we've got some nice scenery and colourful backdrops. On top of that, we will need some title/intro screens, and a game over and 'level complete' screen.

Predseda has done some great work with the main character, other characters, enemies and objects, as well as having significant input into the actual level and puzzle design itself. So I am hoping he would also be willing to help with additional suggestions/input should it be needed.

It would then be a matter for me to give the map a bit of a makeover with the new tiles, and then insert the fancy presentation stuff. Ideally we wanted this done a few months ago but for various reasons that hasn't really happened.

When the demo is finished, we still have the full game to write but we'll deal with that at a later time.

So if anyone out there is wanting to get involved with graphics for an Amiga game project and is willing to commit the time, patience and enthusiasm required then please get in touch - but we really do need someone serious about seeing this through, thank you

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