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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
What happened around 96-2000 with the Amiga was just a rollercoaster of letdowns.
Wasn't it just.
the X1000 with its hefty price tag
Yeah I'd spotted that not too long ago...

On the classic side, the Amiga is still alive and kicking (at least in terms of expansions)! You have new products coming steadily from Individual Computers (scandoublers, accelerators, network cards!), like the ACA500 you named.
All sounds like my kind of fun

If you mainly want to play with your Amiga, you could go the WHDLoad way - you install everything on HD, and the game loads entirely from there. No more floppies and less loading (I like the floppies though) - but you will need an expansion for that. The ACA500 should do nicely. You can also stick an A1200 accelerator to it to make the ultimate A500
That's pretty much exactly what I had in mind
maybe even do some case mod if I get hold of a spare case...
Well, see you around
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