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Hello from a re-newed user :D

Hello all! I've been meaning to join up for a long time, but have just ended up lurking...

Well I thought it would be time to get a bit more involved now that I'm doing more. (huh? wut?)

So I'm an Amiga user from back in the day, my 1.3 A500 Batpack (UK) was bought in 1989, I'd defend against the ST to the hilt (not hard, as in my circle of friends only was an ST owner...) read AF, AP, CU-A and The One pretty much religiously until about late '94 when I went to uni, and didn't have enough space to take my setup with me (that and the scene was imploding a little) and I wanted to try and concentrate on beer drin.... uhhhh studying (yeah, we'll go with that...) so my rock lobster stayed at home while I met some great people hit the books (honest guv!)

My miggy would lay dormant on my desk until after I graduated and I collected everything up (A500, A590, CM8833-II, naksha mouse, neon pink competition pro and a few 80/100 disk boxes...) and took it all to the tip...
Only Joking!
No I brought everything down to my uni town, where my housemate set everything up and started playing kick off 2 on his days off that was 1999 and I've had a couple of house moves since then but never had the space to fire everything up again, never mind collate everything needed to do so, given that in one of the moves, the monitor, mouse and joystick vanished

I've always kept the comp where I could see her but everything else has been in various different boxes spread between the loft, junk room and office... but ultimately hasn't seen any voltage since 1999

I've been flirting with UAE for a fair few years, but games never feel right using a PC controller - (so I got a USB competition pro )
In a fit of nostalgia, combined with some room clearing and a chance encounter in the loft with the correct box, and the upcoming Amiga Day, I've been busy getting ready for a grand switch-on, checking over the internals, cleaning up mechanisms etc... and I'm happy to report that she performed beautifully! some disks even still work

I figured now was the right time to join the forum. I've been a bit more active over on the amiga facebook groups so a few in here may be able to connect my real life profile to my EAB name...

so now my head is spinning with catching up on what's happened in the scene in the intervening 20 years... I only paid partial attention to what was going on, what with all the drama of various owners and promises unfulfilled of remakes and re-launch after re-launch etc.

But for now my main concern is going to be recovering the contents of the A590 and doing some upgrades like ACA500 and beyond.

well grats if you've read to the end! and see you round the board
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