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BBS advice for TERM

After seeing the youtube by kookytech, I've decided to dive back into the BBS scene after 20 odd years (some of them very odd) . Great vid but not sure I'd agree with the "Easy' bit. Anyway after many fruitless and frustrating hours I actually managed to get online pretty much with the process he described. I'm using TERM 4.6 . Unfortunately once online - the text case is reversed so the first letter is lower and everything else is yelling at me in UPPER case. Also the screens are very congested and I think it may have a problem interpreting newlines properly. I've messed with the term settings and it seems Atomic givbes the best results. I read the TERM manuals but it's a long slow process and so far shed no light. Has anyone driven this road before?
Im linking through Internet Modem v7.1.7.1 and my settings on windows side are comm 3 , 9600, 8 , none, 1, XonXoff. On Amiga 1200 it's set to RTS/CTS (DSR) 9600, 8, none, 1, Atomic with zmodem.
Anyone have any ideas....Please!

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