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Originally Posted by nittamituaki View Post
In my opinion, I strongly believed that it is more exactly than above webpages.
It is because these lists have included "non-CD32 CD" such as "Gloom3" and "Gamers' Delight 2".
My involvement with Project CD32 has shown me that there's no fine line between what counts as a CD32 game and what doesn't.

Near the end days, companies got really lazy with CD32 releases, not using proper packaging/labelling... or they went the extra step and made it so their Amiga CD games actually booted on a CD32 even though it doesn't say so on the packaging.

In general, we've gone with the definition of "anything that you can boot and play on a base system"... ie, no screwing around with Workbench. Even that definition doesn't always work.

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