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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
It's really easy to check the version number with any of my ports, just have a look at the ICON info and check the version number

Glad you got it working, I only run a 'clean' 3.9 install so I've no idea if it plays nice with ClassicWB/Scalos. One patch that I know for sure causes issues is the CyberBugFix hack which you can disable in ClassicWB.

What kind of speed are you getting with the ECS version, is it playable with a reduced window?
My A600 is giving me a fit right now, CTR-A-A does not work, right mouse button not working, I think needs new CAPS.
Anyway, I cant check the version right now, we'll see tomorrow.

The speed with smaller window is OK, but w/o a counter I cant tell you more. It does feel choppy.
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