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Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
I don't know what version I have, but I too have the black screen after "Get Psyched" and date change did not work.
The file size is 153264 bytes. I tried to boot with startup-sequence, w/o startup-sequence, no luck.
The only way I got to work is to boot clean WB disk from floppy drive and start the game from HD like normal.

I'm running A600 ACA630 25MHz ClassicWB with ScalOS.
It's really easy to check the version number with any of my ports, just have a look at the ICON info and check the version number

Glad you got it working, I only run a 'clean' 3.9 install so I've no idea if it plays nice with ClassicWB/Scalos. One patch that I know for sure causes issues is the CyberBugFix hack which you can disable in ClassicWB.

What kind of speed are you getting with the ECS version, is it playable with a reduced window?

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