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Show off your custom kickstart!


I tought we'd share ideas and modules and discuss pro's and con's about our custom kickstarts.

I'll go first, this is the current state of my custom 1mb kickstart!


UP-Boot.module - shows an Up Rough logo.
Happy ENV handler in ROM - no more insert volume ENV: in any drive.
Fat95 in ROM
KingKon in ROM
Swedish keymap in ROM
HRTMon - action replay like monitor, activated via l7 interrupt.
Compactflash.device in ROM (Boot from CF Cards!)
PowerWindows in ROM
Borderblank (From Blizkick)

MoveVBR - moves low level interrupt vector table to fastmem.
MuMove4K - prepares system memory for MuFastZero's FastExec option.
NoClick - removes diskdrive clicks when no disk is inserted.
NewAlert - Improved alert.hook
PatchMath020-ALL (From Blizkick) - optimizes math functions.
SpeedyIDE (From Blizkick) - Speeds up IDE device with up to 20%
LatePatch (From Blizkick)
HogWaitBlit (From Blizkick)
IntAckFix (From Blizkick) - fixes interrupt acknowledge bug on 050/060.

IconBeFast - faster icons & color mapping

exec_45.20(A1200-A500) - latest from kickstart 3.9
LatePatch - latest from kickstart 3.9
bootmenu_44.7(68020) - latest from kickstart 3.9
carddisk.resource_40.1 - latest from kickstart 3.9
console.device_44.10 - Latest from kickstart 3.9 + Bugfixes:
FFS_4515 - Latest from kickstart 3.9 + Bugfixes:
FileSystem.resource_45.10 - latest from kickstart 3.9
ram-handler_44.24_NoBss - Latest from kickstart 3.9 + Patches: The RAM disk shows the real size occupied - its no longer 100% full. BSS hunk removed.
Shell_45.27 - - Latest from kickstart 3.9 + Patches: Some bugs of the 45.7 shell that was published with BB2 are fixed.
utility.library_40.1(020) - 020 optimized
Romfixes - fixes bugs in the original 3.1 kickstart modules
Romfixes2 - fixes bugs in the original 3.1 kickstart modules
Intuition.libary speed/size/enhanced by Cosmos
Icon.library improved and speed rewritten in ASM by Peter Keunecke
Battmem.resource CIA.resource, Dos.Library, Disk.resource, Filesystem.resource
Graphics.Library, Mathffp.library, Mathieeesingbas.library, Misc.resource
Potgo.resource, Ramlib, SCSI.device rewritten in ASM and speed/size optimized by Don Adam

Workbench.library to save space, put it in LIBS: instead.

I will add a lot of commands from C: when i get the tool used for that working again... I had it working 5 years or so ago, but lost the files and I don't remember how to do it.

Feel free to point out any dumb things i might have done or suggest cool romable things to put in my kickstart. There's still plenty of space left! =)

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