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Originally Posted by lolafg View Post
I already installed amikit in my PC , what i want to know is if it will be possible to boot a PC directly with amikit , no Windows shown at boot.

More or less (well, you know a Pc can't boot with an Amiga OS, it needs an emulator). The usb stick can boot into AmiPup if you wish, that is a Linux system that has been adjusted by Kenneth Lester Jr. Using it you can run AmiKit with the emulator. Anyway AmiPUP itself looks like AmiKit if you see the images.

But I don't know anything else (in fact you can read all that I've said from the web).

@Fol I understood you. I can't answer if they could include them. I only know by my version, and some author can tell you can use their programs if you don't sell the final product. To include the roms you should pay, so surely that has to be a big reason for not including them, but these are just my spelulations. I supose it could be done, but you should suggest that in Facebook or in the Support Forum:, and there is a thread here too:

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