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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Click and press on play, then return here:

... You should know that questions and answers can be found at the AmiKit website, forum or facebook. You also know that you can ask about AmiKit Real on it's thread ( and I can only answer about my version.


Just reading "Info" you'll find this:
What is the difference between AmiKit and Amiga Forever? Both are emulators, right?

Both AmiKit and Amiga Forever use the same emulation engine called WinUAE. The main difference is that while the Amiga Forever is a commercial product that includes legal ROM and system files and provides you with the default (and very basic) AmigaOS environment, the AmiKit is freeware, however it doesn't include the ROM and system files. On the other hand AmiKit includes more than 300 pre-configured programs that are not part of the default AmigaOS installation - which turn the default OS into the ultimate environment. AmiKit can be considered as kind of an add-on for Amiga Forever but that would be inaccurate. AmiKit installs into its own separated folder and during the installation it copies the ROM and system files from Amiga Forever to AmiKit automatically. Since this point the AmiKit is complete and standalone application. Amiga Forever introduced an integrated support of AmiKit! Now you can download, install and run AmiKit using the Amiga Forever Player (see its application tab). No need to use external and standalone AmiKit installer anymore. Check this link if you encounter any problems.

It's also in the Info:

What do I need to install and run AmiKit?

In short, a source of AmigaOS (Workbench) and Amiga Kickstart file (ROM), which can be easily obtained by purchasing Amiga Forever package. We're sorry about that but AmiKit cannot contain those copyrighted files. For more information please check out the requirements page. AmiKit runs on Windows XP, Vista or 7 machine, Mac OS X and Linux too. To install AmiKit on a real Amiga computer please follow this AmiKit on a Real Amiga guide.

Do you mean that you have never installed AmiKit on your Pc using the AF Cd or previous installation? If so, you better use the commented forums for answers.
For more questions, I've said you'll find them at the AmiKit website, forum or facebook.

And... About my version (AmiKit for Real 1.0 -from 05-): It won't make miracles (I'm trying and trying), but it's VERY trusted, that's why now it isn't called "Beta" anymore. It has an Incredible LOT of options that you never have had on a Real Amiga (that's hard to archieve) and a huge LOT of improvements. It's fast and has a unbeatable look for AGA and also there is a plug-in (updated now) for Mattahan's icons, and also for WinUAE an RTG plug-in that I will update soon.

It's also for free... so ? Just Wait for it.

Think you misunderstood. I knew all that, just be nice if it included them.
Lets say I haven't installed AmigaForever, your telling me I cant use it?
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