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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
That looks wonderful!

Will be pre-ordering this soon, looking forward to it
Thank you.

Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
Looks very pro!

Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
I loved playing the demo, I finished it and played it again just to explore some more. Definitely the most effort I've ever seen put into a Backbone game, I can't wait for my CD to arrive so I can play the whole game! I love how good the CD cases and booklets look, this is how everyone should release their Amiga games, it's very professional!

I have seen a few people mention that they're a little worried that the game comes on CD and they don't have a CD drive connected to their Amiga. Will you include a Lha archive of the whole game on the CD, so it can be copied to our Amiga some way, which is a lot easier than copying all of the files, and risking filename and metadata changes? A download option would be great, too.

I'm really looking forward to this, the game is awesome so far!
Thank you!
IŽm glad you like the demo and hope that youŽll also enjoy the full version.

I will include Lha archives for sure.
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