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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
Hi Coagulus! I love seeing updates about your game, I'm really looking forward to playing it on my Amiga! H.E.R.O is one of my favourite games on the Commodore 64, I have it on cartridge and think it's so cool that you're making an AGA Amiga update of this legendary game.

Did you know that the Amiga community has declared that Jay Miner's birthday, May 31st, shall forever be known as International Amiga Day?! Well, at least one guy did so a bunch of us are going along with it, why not? To celebrate this special event many developers are going to release something for the Amiga community to enjoy on the day and I was wondering if this is something you'd like to join in with?

Some ideas for you to try:

* Invite all of your friends over for an Amiga games day and get them to try JetHunt.
* Get really stuck into it, finish making the whole game and release it!
* If it's not ready yet, could you make a short demo for us to try?
* If a demo is something that is more effort than it's worth at this point, a new video on YouTube showing us the current state of your progress would still be very welcome!

I'm going to set up a web page with information and links to lots of recent game and software releases with details on competitions, radio stations, chat rooms and live video feeds that people might be streaming on the day so we can all keep in touch and celebrate internationally. I'd love to bring more attention to your game through this web page and the Facebook group for International Amiga Day if you'd like.
Hi Cammy,

Awesome idea, don't think I'll finish it in time but I'll see what I can put together for the day. I'm off work tomorrow so fingers crossed I can get lots done.
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