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Originally Posted by BigFan View Post
Maybe it's kind of related, as C.Gutjahr initialized the relaunch of aminet mirrors in 2005 or so.
Yes, Aminet and Amiga-News are on the same server. We're currently resurrecting it, the sites should be back online RSN.

Please do not make personal mirrors of Aminet, the archive itself is safe. All of our mirrors are donated by private individuals, universities or non-profit organisations whose ressources you are wasting by downloading 50 GB of stuff you'll never need.

The main server has been shaky for quite a while, we're going to move somewhere else soon. As for mirrors, I regularly check the mirrors in the database, but they're dying like flies these days (fortunately, we don't need them as urgently as we used to). I'll recheck once we're back online.

Edit: We're back online.

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