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Now got GSX750F :))
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Hey Pyro, nice to see others know just how good the toaster is

You can get it in Europe and the UK, but you need the NTSC/PAL converter - which used to be v expensive but you can get one that does the job (just, it's not Broadcast Quality...) for a about a £100 ready made and Maplin Electronics do/did one in kit form that is not far short of BQ for not much more.

As to there never being a PAL version, I still think it was NewTech's biggest mistake, and one of the things that could have turned around industry perceptions of the Amiga on this side of the pond. Besides giving PAL people the chance to use lightwave as it was meant to be.

And for anyone who still thinks we're joking, take a look at the ceilings in Star Trek TNG. Does that look like a Lightwave/Toaster generated object, mixed real-time with the video? Oh, so it is... Can you do that on a PC NOW? Oh, no you can't.
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