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Thanks for you help !

I've got a basic a1200 with 8mb fast ram, and a pcmcia compact flash adapter. Soon I'll receive a GBS8200 converter to plug it on a LCD vga screen (and then, I'll use a 640x512 resolution).

Basically, all I need are :

Dopus 4.x (I can't remember the classicwb version number, but I'm used to it for files managing and unarc)

Whdload preinstalled (I've got amiga forever for the legal roms) and the "thing" to see the nice whdload games icons (but if I remember correctly, BetterWb already have it)

CF "driver" so I can use my CF card (for transferts pc>amiga)

VirusZ (to check amiga files I download on PC before using them on the real amiga)

THen I "should" be able to add myself the last things I'll need (basically, anticlick, black border, and a games frontend), and of course my games and apps (but for this, only a few of them "resisted" me )

thank you !
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