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I'm configuring my CF card on winUAE first, so I just installled BetterWb with glowicons (16colors).

Before anything else, I decided to test this bare system on my real amiga 1200 (stock machine, 8mb fast), in the objective resolution (640x512, since I will swap my old 1085s for a vga lcd soon). And I'm really surprised of the result. I opened prefs workbench, prefs, system, utilities, tools windows + work:/games/a folder with about 20 or 30 folders icons : everything stills near as fast (maybe as fast, I can't remember when I opened so many windows on my miga) as if I was using normal stock 3.1 icons

Really impressive optimization

Now, time for serious work. First, install Dopus with arcextract button inside it
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