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If it uses the normal 80 tracks, tne it still should weight 880KB, perhaps it uses compression.

Those ADFs you saw I thikn have extra tracks for nothing. You can force TransADF to read above the trackk 79 mark, but if it is empty it will give you an error...

Grab that image you made and put it back onto a disk. See if you can load it like that on the miggy. Also, try that disk2fdi program.

Also try using Transadf.. a command like '' transadf df0: :temp/test.adf'... perhaps this works better instead of telling the program to go look for a device it must not understand. I didnt know you had to specify thr device name in transdisk, and not thr drive unit. There is a chance transdisk doesnt understand what to do with that special device.
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