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Originally Posted by kas1e View Post


Can you plz say me that:

1. Was there previously any version of dopus5 installed (like maybe 5.82 sasc version with pf_async fix done 1.5 year ago) ? And if so, was it running before or not when you try to run 5.90.

2. Can you please try latest nighlty build:

There we already deal with assigns, versions-checks and co, so, if your problem was because of old 5.82 install, or old assigns, etc, that should deal with it. Just download it, unpack, and try to run.

If even with that nightly you will have problems , then i need from you that:
- your s:startup-sequence and your s:user-startup
- run in shell that : "assign >ram:assign_list.txt" , and uplod assign_list.txt there as well
- when you will have that crash, and gream reaper will arise, do "save crashlog" , and upload that crashlog there as well.

Hi Friends,
I have found the error for my self!
I use Powericons for the PNG icon under OS4! If i disable Powericons,
DirOpus runs without errors! Thats it.
I seen this in the errormessage as errormodul "Powericons"
Then i disable Powericons in my Startup-Sequence and restartet my system.
And now it works fine! Thanks for Help.
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