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Thought I'd revive this thread to remind you lot that I'm still, sad to say, having problems with WinUAE detecting CDs.

I've written many CD³² games to discs, and not one of them can be picked up by the emulator at all unless it's a mounted image (but with big games this simply wastes HD space). And now I've discovered today that I can't even get WinUAE to pick up a normal CD, any kind of CD, in Workbench. The "use PC drives" option only mounts the harddisks, and not the CD drive (or the floppy drive for that matter). And the 'uaescsi.device' option hasn't made the slightest difference.

And, yes, I have the latest ASPI drivers installed for my system (4.71.2 as of this time).

I hope I don't have to reinstall the whole system just to get CD support working once more....... or maybe it could be my CD-drives just crapping out on me?
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