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I've did some more testing today, it's really strange. In the end I put gotek in external closure and tried to make ADFs from mounted Soccer Kid ADFs. First one was, NDOS disk, but second, third and fourth one aren't. For third one it mounted one of Super Skidmarks ADFs. It seems it wrong ADFs. I tried renaming them to SocKidxx.adf and moved them in a folder in root of USB stick (called it "test") and game started. It seems that there's an issue with mounting ADFs, I'm still not sure if it's because of long file names or because there's 120 files in "S" folder.
Also, it's interesting that it always mounted the first floppy correctly, but had problems when changing while in game. Maybe Soccer Kid holds floppy drive in some way so gotek firmware can't access the list correctly? I guess we'll have to wait for HM to figure this out.

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